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24 July 2023

-By Chris Evans-

We have just had this year’s European Astronomical Society meeting in Kraków, Poland. The programme was rich with exciting and remarkable JWST results, from Solar System science out to the most distant galaxies, and everything else in between. We also had the treat of the truly spectacular first anniversary image on 12 July.

The start of July also marked the beginning of JWST’s Cycle 2 programmes after completion of the TAC process in early May. Competition was fierce, with an oversubscription factor of more than seven for the time available. PIs in the ESA Member States were very successful, with 33% of the accepted proposals and 38% of the awarded time.

Congratulations to those of you with Cycle 2 programmes and, if you were unsuccessful, the proposal deadline for Cycle 3 is coming soon on 25 October. Let me also add my sincere thanks to those of you who served on the panels in the Cycle 2 TAC – your expertise and dedication were critical to the success of forming the next exciting programme of scientific discoveries.

In May we also had the deadline for proposals for HST’s Cycle 31. Demand has remained high with over 950 proposals received, over a fifth of which were led by PIs in the ESA Member States. Let me also draw your attention to the recent calls for community inputs into two new strategic Working Groups for both Hubble and Webb, as summarised here.

Although the deadline for abstracts has passed, if you’re interested in joining us in Baltimore (or virtually) on 11–14 September 2023 to hear the latest Webb results and to meet with colleagues ahead of the Cycle 3 deadline, there’s still time to register for the First Year of JWST Science conference. Lastly, we are very happy to announce plans for a Masterclass on JWST data processing on 12–14 December 2023; see here for further details.

Chris Evans
ESA/HST & ESA/JWST Project Scientist
ESA Office, STScI Baltimore, USA

Science Announcements

Masterclass on Webb data processing

24 July 2023: -Chris Evans and Paule Sonnentrucker- We are delighted to announce plans for a Masterclass on James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) data processing, to be held at ESA’s European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC), near Madrid, on 12–14 December 2023.  The Masterclass is primarily intended for researchers from across the ESA Member States who have yet to work with JWST data or …

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New Hubble and Webb Working Groups

24 July 2023: -Chris Evans- Two Working Groups (WGs) were recently convened by the Interim Director at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), to provide advice and recommendations on the future use of Hubble and Webb in the key areas of long-term variability monitoring and exoplanet initiatives.  The charters for the WGs are available at Strategic Exoplanet Initiatives and Long-term variability monitoring strategies …

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