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ESA/Hubble Science Newsletter


Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the second issue of the ESA/Hubble Science Newsletter. Thank you for your interest in the Hubble Space Telescope — we strive to bring you interesting articles and to alert you to important deadlines. Your feedback is precious; please do let us know if you have announcements that you would like to see circulated, and/or if there are specific topics that you would like to see addressed.

First and foremost, we have now formally announced the upcoming conference "Science with the Hubble Space Telescope IV". You can find more information about this below.

The next meeting of the Space Telescope Users Committee (STUC) will be held at STScI on October 17–18. There are currently three ESA representatives on this committee, who welcome any input that you might have on user-related issues.

Finally, it may interest you to know that the Hubblecast, the science podcast designed and produced by ESA/Hubble, has recently won the "Fact Behind the Fiction" Parsec Award from a final shortlist of five, evaluated by an international team of judges. ESA/Hubble release ten Hubblecast episodes annually which explore Hubble's latest discoveries, present the most stunning images, discuss complex topics within astronomy, and more. The Hubblecasts are intended for a broad audience, but professional astronomers enjoy them too. You can find the latest episodes here. Way to go, Dr. J!

Antonella Nota
ESA HST Project Scientist/STScI Baltimore
Email: HubbleNewsEurope@stsci.edu

Science Announcements

Announcing the “Science with the Hubble Space Telescope IV” conference

17 October 2013: We have now formally announced the conference "Science with the Hubble Space Telescope IV", to be held at the Accademia dei Lincei in Rome from 17–20 March 2014. This conference, subtitled "Looking to the Future", aims to celebrate and highlight the scientific breakthroughs that Hubble has made over the last two decades by sharing new results, inspiring the Hubble user ...

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The international Hubble mission

17 October 2013: Dr Charles Mattias ("Matt") Mountain has been the Director of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, since September 2005. He is also the Telescope Scientist for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, a member of the Webb Science Working Group, a Visiting Professor at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md., and a Visiting Professor at the University of Oxford (UK). ...

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Start of Hubble Frontier Fields observations

17 October 2013: On 23 October 2013, Hubble will begin deep observations of the galaxy cluster Abell 2744 (pictured above) and a "blank" field in parallel with WFC3/IR and ACS/WFC. These will be the first observations obtained by the Hubble Frontier Fields (HFF) Director's Discretionary Time (DDT) programme. This three-year, 840-orbit programme will yield our deepest views of the Universe to date, combining ...

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The APIS service is now open

17 October 2013: We are pleased to announce that the APIS (Auroral Planetary Imaging and Spectroscopy) service is now open to the community, and accessible at the address: http://lesia.obspm.fr/apis/ APIS was officially opened at the Magnetospheres of Outer Planets meeting in Athens, 8–12 July 2013. Details are provided on the webpage above. In brief, the service consists of a database of ...

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