Download the ESA/ESO/NASA FITS Liberator 3.0.1

The NOIRLab/IPAC/ESA/STScI/CfA FITS Liberator 4 is available. For more inforamation, visit FITS Liberator 4 page at NOIRLab.

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Please see bottom of page for downloading Photoshop Actions and FITS Concatenator.


Minimum requirements:

  • Windows PC (XP, Vista or Windows 7, all 32 or 64 bit) or Mac (OS X 10.5+)
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or better

Other limitations:

  • As the loading process is very I/O intensive, the performance may be decreased significantly when loading FITS files from a network drive. In this case the program will show a notification. It is recommended, if possible, to copy files to the local hard disk drive before opening them with the FITS Liberator.



Windows Installation

The FITS Liberator can be installed on Windows either by using a setup program or manually. In both cases, a local administrator must install the program. By default, all users on Windows XP machines are local administrators.

Installing with the Setup Program

The recommended way of installing the FITS Liberator on Windows is to use the setup program. This will install all the necessary files and optionally register FITS files with FITS Liberator.

Manual installation under Windows

To install manually, download the manual installation package for Windows and extract the files to a directory. Next, move the files into the correct locations in the file system.

File Location and example  
FitsLiberator.exe {Program Files}\FITS Liberator
C:\Program Files\FITS Liberator
UserGuide.pdf {Program Files}\Photoshop FITS Liberator
C:\Program Files\FITS Liberator



MacOS X Installation

The FITS Liberator can be installed on OS X either by using an automatic installer or manually.

Automatic installation (MacOS 10.10 and earlier)

Installing FITS Liberator on a Mac consists of just a few steps:

  1. Open the disk image.
  2. Double click the FITS Liberator install package and follow the instructions. This will install FITS Liberator in your application folder.
  3. Eject and discard the disk image.

Manual install (MacOS 10.11 and later)

To install manually, download the manual installation package for OS X and extract the files to a directory. Next, move the files into the correct locations in the file system.

File Location and example  
FITS Liberator {Program Files}\FITS Liberator
C:\Program Files\FITS Liberator
Download ZIP




(MacOS 10.10 and earlier ONLY)

Download ZIP


Note: The 10.11 release of MacOS (and newer) enables by default a new malware protection feature, System Integrity Protection (SIP, also known as “rootless” mode), that prevents any user modification of certain system-critical directories. This unfortunately breaks the standard installation of the FITS Liberator which depends on two libraries that are normally installed in /usr/lib (one of the now-protected directories). Installing 10.11 will break any existing FITS Liberator installation by deleting these libraries, and it will prevent the installer from writing these files to the default location.


FITS Liberator functionality can be restored for a user by manually copying these libraries to the location the user can modify.

  • Download the ZIP file for libtbb.dylib & libtbbmalloc.dylib from the manual install link
  • Double-click the file to uncompress it
  • Rename the directory from “libtbb” to “lib”
  • Move the directory to the user’s home directory: /Users/{username}/lib

FITS Liberator should now run for that user.

If you would like to hide the lib folder from the Finder (to prevent accidental deletion), you can open the Terminal app and issue the following command:

  • chflags hidden lib

Note that this must be repeated for each user account on the computer that is using FITS Liberator, since the files can no longer reside at a supported system-level directory.

It is also possible to disable the “rootless” mode, allowing admin access to the /usr/lib directory and enabling FITS Liberator to run on any account on the computer, but this is a technically involved process and could compromise system security, so should only be attempted by experienced users.


FITS Concatenator & Photoshop Action

Please referrer to the User Guide for how to use these scripts with Adobe Photoshop.

File Location and example  
FITS Concatenator.jsx,, 
{Program Files}\{Photoshop}\Presets\Scripts 
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Scripts
Download ZIP
ColourComposite.atn {Program Files}\{Photoshop}\Presets\Photoshop Actions 
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Photoshop



Adobe Metadata Panels

The XMP panels for Adobe Photoshop are no longer distributed with FITS Liberator. You may download them from

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