ESA/Hubble Outreach Team

The content developed and published at is prepared by a talented international group of individuals, known as the ESA/Hubble outreach team. Below you can learn more about them:


Bethany Downer

ESA/Hubble Chief Communications Officer

As the Chief Communications Officer for ESA/Hubble, Bethany coordinates the talented and international ESA/Hubble outreach team. Working from her hometown of St. John’s in Newfoundland, Canada, she works as a public communicator for space to bring space and astronomy to the general public. She works for various international space organizations to coordinate high-impact outreach campaigns and to find means of innovatively communicating scientific and technical space topics to broader audiences. Bethany believes that being inspired and excited by the space sector starts with a strong awareness and comprehension, which stems from effective communications and outreach. 

Oana Sandu

ESA/Hubble Social Media Coordinator

Oana Sandu is the founder of PR agency Science Wave and a communication expert for science and technology with more than 11 years of experience. Together with a team based in Romania, they bring ESA/Hubble and the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope closer to the public via social media.

Javier Enciso

Web Team

Javier is a Computer Scientist from the National University of Colombia and holds a Master of Science from the Technical University of Munich. Over the years, he has worked at Big Tech companies and preeminent research organizations in Colombia, China, Germany and USA. Currently, he spends most of his time with his wife and three daughters, while being CEO of the amazing team at Enciso Systems, the company in charge of ESA/Hubble’s web content and development support teams.

Mahdi Zamani

Image Processing & Metadata

Processing astronomical images during the day and photographing starry sky at night, Mahdi Zamani is an artist and image specialist who turns scientific observations by the Hubble Space Telescope into breathtaking images as part of ESA/Hubble public outreach team. 

Mahdi's goals have always been helping the public on a global scale with a better understanding of astronomy and science in general using his skills in art, so in addition to ESA/Hubble he is currently collaborating with some of the world’s largest ground-based observatories and international organizations. Mahdi is currently based in Moosburg, Bavaria, Germany.

Nico Bartmann

Motion Graphics

Based near Munich, Germany, Nico Bartmann works as a Visual Artist and Producer, dealing with static and dynamic images. He began his career at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Garching as an intern and has worked as a freelancer since 2018 for ESO, ESA/Hubble, and the US National Science Foundation’s NOIRLab.

Davide de Martin

Image Processing

Davide is an image processing specialist and a science archive miner. He seeks for scientific datasets that are suitable to be turned into nice images and helps the ESA/Hubble public outreach team to present the results of the observations in a way comprehensive to the general public. Davide has many years of experience as an image processor working alongside the pros of science communication. He is currently collaborating with ESA/Hubble, US National Science Foundation’s NOIRLab, the National Solar Observatory (NSO) and the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

Eleanor Spring

Science Writing

Eleanor is a science writer for ESA/ Hubble, and is delighted to have the opportunity to combine her love of writing and communicating with astronomy. She has over 5 years of professional science writing experience for organisations including the European Southern Observatory and the US National Science Foundation's NOIRLab. She comes from the United Kingdom, and is now happily settled in the Netherlands, where she is currently completing a PhD studying exoplanet atmospheres at the University of Amsterdam. When not writing or doing research, she is enjoying the not inconsiderable challenge of learning Dutch and French.

Calum Spring-Turner

Science Writing

Calum Turner is a freelance science writer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Joining the Hubble team as a regular writer of press releases, pictures of the week, and announcements, Calum has an MPhys in astrophysics and over 5 years of experience writing for organisations including the European Southern Observatory and the US National Science Foundation’s NOIRLab. Outside of science writing, he spends his time studying an MSc in space systems engineering at ISAE-SUAPERO in Toulouse, France.

Peter Grimley

Editor and Proof Reading

Peter Grimley is a freelance editor and proofreader, based in London and working with ESA/Hubble, ESO, NSF's NOIRLab and the IAU. He has a PhD in astronomy, taught undergraduate physics and astronomy in the National University of Ireland and then spent a number of years in the UK Civil Service, before reinventing himself again and joining the world of science communication.

Lorenzo Benassi

Graphic Design

Lorenzo Benassi is a Communication Designer based in Milan, Italy. Following various experience in advertising agencies, he began his career as a freelancer. He supports the development of logo design, print products, posters, brochures and various digital media including web layouts and visuals for social media.



Adil Hussain

Image Processing

Adil is an image specialist with more than 15 years of experience. His expertise in astronomical images involves cleaning cosmetic defects and retouching, removing all various artefacts, cosmic rays, bars and lines, etc. Adil is based in India.


Ingry Romero

Web Team

Ingry Romero is a final-year System Engineering student at Universidad de los Llanos and a member of Enciso Systems since January 2020. She is located in Villavicencio, Colombia and works on ESA/Hubble’s web content support team. 

Paula Velasquez

Web Team

Paula Velasquez is a System Engineer from Universidad de los Llanos and a member of Enciso Systems since October 2019. She is located in Villavicencio, Colombia and works on ESA/Hubble’s web content support team.

Diego Palacios

Web Team

Diego Palacios is a Web Developer from Universidad de los Llanos and a member of Enciso Systems since 2020. He is located in Villavicencio, Colombia and works on ESA/Hubble’s web development support team.

Daniel Restrepo

Web Team

Daniel Restrepo is a Systems Engineer from Universidad de los Llanos. Since 2020, he has been working at Enciso Systems as the leading backend developer, participating in big projects such as the migration of The Space Telescope Science Institute website. He is located in Villavicencio, Colombia and works on ESA/Hubble’s web development support team. 

Juan-David Vargas

Web Team

Juan-David Vargas is a Computer Scientist from Universidad de los Llanos and a final-year Music student at UPTC.  He is a proud member of Enciso Systems since 2021, after several years of collaboration with the Company’s CEO and other members. He shares his time between the cities of Villavicencio and Tunja (Colombia), and helps to coordinate both the web content and web development support teams. 

ESA/Hubble Strategic Leadership


Antonella Nota

Head of STScI ESA Office, ESA/Hubble and ESA/Webb Project Scientist

Antonella Nota is an astronomer and a diversity advocate. She completed her university studies in Astronomy at the University of Padua, Italy. She came to the US in 1986 to work at Space Telescope Science Institute, the institute that operates the Hubble Space Telescope. Currently, she is the  Head of the ESA Office at STScI, as well as the ESA Project Scientist for both the Hubble and the James Webb Space Telescopes. Both missions are a partnership between NASA and the European Space Agency. Her scientific interests are in the areas of stellar evolution, massive stars, young clusters formation and evolution. She has published 200+ papers in astronomical journals and conference proceedings. She has a passion for connecting science and art in the effort to broaden public interest in science. She has supervised a large number of Graduate students and Postdocs, and she is a staunch advocate for representation of women and minorities in astronomy. 

Paule Sonnentrucker

ESA/Hubble Acting Mission Manager

Paule is an ESA astronomer working from the ESA Office located at STScI, the Hubble Science Operations Center in Baltimore, USA. As Acting Mission Manager for ESA/Hubble, Paule is responsible for the contractual and financial aspects of ESA/Hubble. She ensures that the needs of the ESA/Hubble teams are met in order to maximize the science return of the Hubble mission to the European community. As an astronomer, Paule also pursues her own research that focuses on studying the clouds of gas and dust that Hubble sees between the stars: the interstellar medium.

Lars Lindberg Christensen

ESA/Hubble Strategic Advisor

As the ESA/Hubble strategic advisor, Lars provides overall support and expertise for the ESA/Hubble communications implementation based on decades of coordination experience of the ESA/Hubble outreach work. Working from Tucson, Arizona in the United States, Lars also provides support for technical infrastructure, including synergies with other Djangoplicity installations, like the one at NOIRLab. He also provides image production and image post-processing expertise for the ESA/Hubble team.

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