ESA/Hubble Newsletters

The ESA/Hubble team publishes three newsletters:

Hubble News

Aimed at members of the general public, this weekly newsletter contains stunning images of the Universe, the latest science results from Hubble Space Telescope or news about the organisation.


Hubble Media Newsletter

Aimed exclusively at media representatives from traditional media outlets, but also bloggers, freelance journalists, TV broadcasters, researchers and movie producers this newsletter contains access to Hubble press releases and accompanying material such as videos, images etc., the latest videos and footage available for use in documentaries, movies, video news etc.

  • Bona fide members of the press who wishes to receive the password for the Media Newsletters please fill in this form
  • More information for the press is available here.


Hubble Science Newsletter

Aimed at the scientific community or anyone interested in more technical and operational news from Hubble, this newsletter (typically published quartlerly) contains calls for proposals, news on observing and programmatic developments, upcoming conferences, etc.

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