Hubble 20th Anniversary Events and Exhibitions:


  • Vulkanlandsternwarte Auersbachtal - There will be a lecture and an unveiling of the Hubble anniversary image on 23 April followed the next day by a star party to look at Saturn and the moon live from the observatory.
  • Astronomie Wien -  Lecture and exhibition in planetarium.




Czech Republic:


  • The Steno Museum - Two main events, "Can you catch a fallen star?" for families and kids with hand-on meteorites, tales about star formation and formation of our solar system and a public lecture in the planetarium about star formation and the formation of our solar system.
  • Tycho Brahe Planetarium - 22 and 24 April, The VIP event will be the official opening ceremony for a three day national science festival. During the event we will have premiere of the Hubble IMAX movie. The public event will include a presentation about Hubble and screening of the IMAX movie.


  • Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre - 24 April there will be a cosmonaut visiting Heureka. Commander Valeri Tokarev is going to tell the audience about space missions in which he has taken part.


  • Planetarium Ludiver - French
  • GEPI Observatoire de Paris - Unveiling of Hubble anniversary image will be part of the Solstice Fest at the observatory.
  • PromEspace - Conferences with scientists and astronauts are planned on 21 August. The 20th anniversary of Hubble will have an exposition of the best photos of the ESA/NASA space telescope and the new WFC3 image.
  • ATLAS - Talk and slideshow.
  • Parc du Cosmos - Part of permanent exhibition.
  • Cité de l'espace - 20 April Hubble anniversary event and Hubble IMAX screenings.


  • Astronomischer Verein der Volkssternwarte Papenburg e.V. - The Hubble anniversary event will include a few telescopes in front of the Hubble anniversary picture, informational material for all interested people and models of some rockets and satellites.
  • Raumflugplanetarium "Juri Gagarin" Cottbus - Talk with pictures and videos of the Hubble announcements since 1999; offer of the German-speaking CD with the Hubble announcements from 2009.
  • LWL-Museum für Naturkunde -  The Hubble anniversary image unveiling event will include a pre-unveiling presentation for the media. Following this the image unveiling itself will take place with the media, invited guests, and the general public attending. The event will continue with a presentation in the planetarium that will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hubble in the form of a presentation of the best Hubble photographs over the years.
  • Förderkreis Planetarium Göttingen e.V. -  "Saturday Morning Physics" series of public lectures organised by the Faculty of Physics and the Physics Students' Council of the Georg-August University. This session will also be promoted as an event of the 8. "Astronomietag" (German Astronomy Day) and features a special symposium on Hubble science with scientists of the Institute for Astrophysics Göttingen presenting their own research with the Hubble Space Telescope in three short lectures, to be complemented by an introduction into the telescope's history, its future outlook and the timeline for JWST (James Webb Space Telescope).
  • Planetarium Mannheim - 18 May beginning of new special Hubble program at the planetarium.
  • Schulsternwarte und Planetarium "Sigmund Jähn" - Part of permanent exhibition.
  • Nicolaus-Copernicus-Planetarium Nürnberg - Unveiling as part of Long Day of Stars on 24 April.
  • Schul- und Volkssternwarte Suhl - Series of lectures about Hubble on 24 April.
  • Planetarium Hamburg - Unveiling of Hubble anniversary image and presentation of images on 24 April.
  • Museum am Schölerberg - 24 April is the German Astronomy Day and public solar observations as well as additional planetarium sessions are planned for this day.
  • Zeiss-Planetarium der Ernst-Abbe-Stiftung Jena - Special show and sky observing on 24 April.
  • Carl-Zeiss-Planetarium - The Hubble anniversary image unveiling event will take place on Astronomy Day, 24 April, 13:30 with the visitors of the planetarium witnessing the unveiling ceremony and a brief explanation of the image and the background of Hubble.
  • Universe Dimensions
  • Zeiss-Planetarium und Volkssternwarte Drebach - 24 April  part of German Astronomy Day.



  • Associazione Culturale La Bendandiana- Via Manara 17 48018 FAENZA (RA) ITALY- Event in the auditorium of the "Banca di Romagna" with the display of the Hubble anniversary image and a seminar of an Astronomer of the Observatory of the University of Bologna - INAF concerning the results of the Hubble project.
  • Planetario di Padova - Conference held by a professor of Astronomy at the University of Padua (Italy) on the key rule of the Hubble Space Telescope for a deeper understanding of the Cosmos. Some of the most beautiful images taken by Hubble will be projected on the dome of the digital Planetarium.
  • Unione Astrofili Napoletani - Public conferences in May, June, September, October, November and December 2010. The display area will remain permanently open to students and people visiting the observatory for the next years.
  • DIST, University of Genova - 15 October event will include visits to the planetarium, lectures by physicists and astronomers, photo gallery and short videos.
  • Fondazione Clément Fillietroz-ONLUS - 24 April special presentation and planetarium show.
  • Italian Naval Academy- The Hubble anniversary image will be displayed inside the Institute in conjunction with the annual Naval Academy and Leghorn City Trophy (TAN).
  • Osservatorio Serafino Zani - Guided tours and special programs for children on 22 May.
  • LICEO SCIENTIFICO "E. MEDI" – PLANETATIUM- Guided visits and lessons on 30 April.


  • Dunsink Observatory - Unveiling of the Hubble anniversary image in Dunsink at a special evening with videos and lectures about Hubble - date to be announced; please check website for details.
  • Blackrock Castle Observatory - Hubble anniversary image unveiling ceremony by Dr. Niall Smith, Head of Research, CIT followed by a lecture celebrating Hubble and Creating Robotic Telescope Farms (optical telescopes that think for themselves).
  • Schull Planetarium - Astronaut James Reilly will do the unveiling of the Hubble anniversary image at a special presentation on 1 May.



  • The Astronomical Society of Malta - 23 April an event to unveil the Hubble anniversary image together with a talk about the formation of stars and the contribution of the Hubble Space Telescope in our quest into understanding the Universe.




  • Centro Multimeios de Espinho - For this event there will be a piano concert then the unveiling of the Hubble anniversary image plus a lecture on star formation and Hubble’s discoveries in that field.
  • Museu de Ciência da Universidade de Lisboa - Part of public exhibition.
  • Pavilion of Knowledge - Ciência Viva - An invited astronomer will make a brief presentation about the Hubble, its history and several images on display (anniversary image plus a slideshow of other images taken by Hubble). These images will also be the source of inspiration for a saxophone improvisation concert, performed by Carlos Martins, famous Portuguese musician.


  • The Astronomical Observatory "Amiral Vasile Urseanu" - There will be a press conference with speeches by notable astronomers and an unveiling of the Hubble anniversary picture.
  • OBSERVATORUL ASTRONOMIC al UNIVERSITATII "STEFAN cel MARE" - 29 and 30 April, the Hubble anniversary unveiling event will be preceded by a series of conferences on the general theme:  ”Telescopul Hubble –Extraordinar si Extraterestru” (”Hubble – Out of the Ordinary, Out of this World”)
  • Planetariul Baia Mare - 21 May outside exhibit of the Hubble anniversary image, digital slideshow with a video projector of the stunning images recorded by Hubble through time and an astronomical night of observations called ”Say Hello to Hubble.”



  • ADNOS, The Novi Sad Astronomical Society - The Hubble anniversary image unveiling event will take place on 13 May, at the plateau in front of the Planetarium, which is located at the beautiful medieval Petrovaradin Fortress. This public event will include several lectures and planetarium shows.
  • Petnica Science Center - 22 April exhibition with Hubble pictures and history of Hubble at the centre over several months.
  • Astronomical Society "Rudjer Boskovic" - 11 June Hubble presentation as part of astronomy weekend.







  • Dnipropetrovsk City Planetarium - 10, Rogaleva Street, Dnipropetrovsk, 49044 Ukraine- Special multimedia programme on 25 April.
unveiling event on 15th May and will form part of an exhibition.
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