IMAX Camera


NASA worked with the IMAX Corporation and Warner Bros. Pictures to produce a new IMAX film featuring three-dimensional footage of spacewalking astronauts repairing Hubble. The film, called Hubble 3D, chronicles the life of the spacecraft using footage from SM4 and previous missions.

Although previous Shuttle missions took a free-floating IMAX camera that allowed astronauts to act as directors and cinematographers, The IMAX camera taken on Servicing Mission 4 flew on the Orbital Replacement Unit Carrier (ORUC) and looked up at Hubble, offering a previously unseen and unique perspective. Unlike previous missions, there will was IMAX hand-held camera inside the crew cabin itself. The only IMAX camera was the one on ORUC, and it carried three lenses for versatility.

On previous Hubble servicing missions the use of IMAX cameras has helped to provide stunning images of space and the astronauts in action. IMAX's long-standing partnership with NASA has enabled millions of people to travel into space through a series of award-winning films. The IMAX 3D camera made its first space voyage in 2001 for the production of Space Station 3D, a film that took audiences on a virtual tour of the International Space Station.

More information on IMAX Hubble 3D is available on the IMAX website.

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