All over Europe, more than 40 Hubble Day events are planned. Thousands of copies of ESA’s DVD will be given away for free and two amazing anniversary images from Hubble are going to be unveiled.

Press meetings

There are press meetings at various sites around Europe:

  1. At ESA/ESTEC in Noordwijk (19 April)
  2. Hamburg Planetarium (with ESA/Hubble) 22 April.
  3. Press meeting in Planetarium Wien
  4. Media event in Centro Multimeios in Portugal
  5. Press meeting 24 April 11:00 at MUSEUM AM SCHÖLERBERG,
    Natur und Umwelt - Planetarium
    Am Schölerberg 8
    D-49082 Osnabrück
    Contact: Dr. Andreas Hänel
    Tel.: 0541-5600326, Fax: 0541-5600337

This list is being updated at the moment. Please check back soon.

Other Events

A list of the many events is being updated and will appear here shortly. Please double-check the facts with the individual organisations as things may change (!)

  Country Organization Where Date Description
1 Europe New Scientist   April 23th New Scientist, the world's most popular science news weekly, is offering readers the chance to claim one of 40,000 copies of Hubble: 15 Years of Discovery. Details of how to claim will be available in 23 April issue, on sale in newsagents. Alternatively subscribe at
2 Austria Planetarium Wien Wien April 24th  
3 Austria ACA Astroclub Auersbach   April 24th    
4 Belgium Brussels Planetarium Brussels April 24th    
  Belgium Europlanetarium, Genk Genk April 24th Open from 10h00 until 17h00:
Exhibition 15 year Hubble’s Space Telescope
40 images from and by the Hubble Space Telescope

Exhibition Paintings “The Universe” by Christa Wawers
Film 15 year Hubble on large screen (5,00m x 3,00m)
Observations with the Telescope
- 11h30, 14h30:
Space travel initiation with rocket launching
- 16h30:
Final Rocket launching
- 11h00, 14h00 and 16h00:
Planetarium Show “The Spike Codex”, especially for children.
- From 10h00 until 17h00:
On specific times Planetarium shows (every 20 minutes) "The Starry Sky of tonight".
Entrance: FREE



Bulgaria National Polytechnique Museum Sofia April 25th From 17:30 h local time there will be astro-photo-exhibition, a talk from the
head of the Department of Astronomy of niversity of
Sofia assoc. prof. d-r Valeri Golev, a lot of gifts
for the public etc.
6 Bulgaria House of the Cinema Sofia April 28th Projection of "Hubble - 15 years of Discovery"  
7 Bulgaria Big Hall of the Bulgarian Accdademy of Sciences Sofia   Projection of "Hubble - 15 years of Discovery"  
8 Bulgaria Public Observatory and Planetarium "Nikolai Kopernik" Varna April 26th Hubble Day  
9 Bulgaria Public Observatory and Planetarium in Gabrovo Gabrovo April 25th Hubble Day  
10 Bulgaria Public Observatory and Planetarium "Djordano Bruno" in
Dimitrovgrad April 27th Hubble Day  
11 Bulgaria Public Observatory in Kurdjali Kurdjali April 25th Hubble Day  
12 Bulgaria Public Observatory "Galileo Galilei" in Silistra Silistra April 25th Hubble Day  
13 Bulgaria Astronomical Observatory in Sliven Sliven April 26th Hubble Day  
14 Bulgaria Public Observatory and Planetarium in Smolyan Smolyan April 25th Hubble Day  
15 Bulgaria Public Observatory and Planetarium "Yurii Gagarin" in
Stara Zagora
Stara Zagora April 27th Hubble Day  
16 Bulgaria Astronomical Observatory in Haskovo Haskovo April 27th Hubble Day  
17 Bulgaria Public Observatory and Planetarium in Yambol Yambol April 25th Hubble Day  
18 Bulgaria Astronomical Observatory in Troyan Troyan April 29th Hubble Day  
19 Bulgaria Astro-club in the village Baykal Baykal April 24th Hubble Day  
20 Czech Republic Public Observatory and Planetarium Hradec Kralove April 24th From 6 p.m. exhibition of HST images, with projection of a short film about HST history.
21 France Planétarium de bretagne Antenne du Palais de la découverte, Paris April 26th 9 pm betacam sp projection on the planétarium (free entrance)
10 pm distribution of the DVD / poster and panel exhibition discovery /
special price for the book
11 pm Mysteries of southern skies (planetarium show made with Eso) (free
12 pm end of the event
If good wethear they will be some telescop to discover the sky.
22 France Terre - Espace - Mer Saint Julien en Genevoix (France) April 30th This event focuses on what satellites brings to us in terms of utility (GPS, communications...) and science.
The big anniversary posters will be displayed there and there is a talk about Hubble.
23 France Rencontres Auriolaises Spatiales Auriol (France) July 30th ESPACE Magazine's Space Event will focus on Hubble (again the posters, a lot of photos and talks).  
24 Germany Nuremberg Planetarium Nicolaus-Copernicus-Planetarium, Am Plaerrer 41, 90429 Nuernberg April 24th Begin at 14:00 with introduction of Hubble. We will have a projection of a slide showing Hubble's primary mirror to scale (= 2,4 m diameter) to give an impression of its true size. The lobby will also have the bulk sizes of HST (4,2 m wide, 16 m long) indicated on the floor so that the visitors see how big it is. We have also made a photo-montage for size comparison with HST standing beside of the planetarium building.
14:20 unveiling of the two new images; short explanation on Eagle nebula and M 51 (local media will be invited, so that earliest publication of the images will be Monday, 25 April).
14:30 presentation of the DVD film "Hubble - 15 Years of Discovery" (German language version) in the planetarium dome.
25 Germany Augsburg-Planetarium Sparkassen-Planetarium Augsburg
Besuchereingang Ludwigstr. 2 (Ludwigpassagen)
D - 86152 Augsburg
Friday, April 22, 19.30 MESZ
Saturday, April 23, 18.00 MESZ
Saturday, April 30, 18.00 MESZ
Sunday, May 1, 18.00 MESZ
Live moderated in the Dome of the Sparkassen-Planetarium Augsburg, with Videos, Allskies, a lot of Slides (Crossfades), and, last but not least, a look on the Bavarian Sky.
26 Germany Planetarium Hamburg Planetarium Hamburg
D-22303 Hamburg
April 24th Premiere der Planetariumsshow
"Faszination Weltall - Hubble´s große Reise durch Raum und Zeit"
Vorführungen um 13.30, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00, 18.00 Uhr
27 Germany Museum Am Schölerberg, Natur und Umwelt - Planetarium   April 24th    
28 Germany Bismarckschule Hannover Hannover April 24th    
29 Germany Olaf Kretzer Schul- und Volkssternwarte Suhl   April 24th    
30 Germany Foerderkreis Planetarium Goettingen   April 24th    
Natur und Umwelt - Planetarium
Am Schölerberg 8
D-49082 Osnabrück
April 24th At 11.30 we will present the large format pictures and the DVD to the public with a talk I will give about the HST in the museum.

At 11.00 we will give a press conference for the local media.

32 Germany Zeiss Planetarium Bochum   April 24th    
33 Greece Eleftherotypia   April 24th    
34 Hungary Planetarium of Kecskemét   April 24th    
35 Italy Citta' della Scienza Città della Scienza via Coroglio 104, 80124 Napoli April 24th from 10 to 19 "Planetarium shows (based on Hubble images and discoveries); ESA's DVD
film continously projected on the Science Centre entrance mega-screen;
activities based on Hubble images: for children ""What does it look like?"";
for general public ""Splendour from Space""."
36 Poland Planetarium Torun´   April 25th Two meetings in planetarium dedicated to HST (*), and an exhibition about
HST in the planetarium hall on Monday evening, 25 April
37 Poland Olsztyn´skie Planetarium I Obserwatorium Astronomiczne lsztynskie Planetarium i Obserwatorium Astronomiczne
Al. Pilsudskiego 38, 10-450 Olsztyn
tel: (89) 533-49-51, fax: (89) 533-49-84 l
April 24th Hubble Anniversary Day in Olsztynian Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory.

1. The opening of the exhibition „Hubble is observing”

2. The lecture “Hubble – the history of mission”.

3. The première of the movie “Hubble 15 years of discovery”.

At the end of Anniversary Day, in the case of cloudless weather, the show of evening sky in the Astronomical Observatory.

38 Portugal Fundação Navegar / Centro Multimeios de Espinho Avenida 24, nº 800 4500-202 Espinho 22-23 April

22th April

11:00: Opening of the photographic exhibition: Hubble Images
11:30 : Public talk: Telescópio Espacial Hubble: 15 anos de Descoberta
16:00: Premiere Planetarium Show: Telescópio Espacial Hubble: 15 anos de

23th April
16:00 : Public talk: Telescópio Espacial Hubble: 15 anos de Descoberta
16:30: Planetarium Show: Telescópio Espacial Hubble: 15 anos de Descoberta

23th April
16:00 : Public talk: Telescópio Espacial Hubble: 15 anos de Descoberta
16:30: Planetarium Show: Telescópio Espacial Hubble: 15 anos de Descoberta

39 Portugal Centro Multimeios de Espinho and FNAC Porto: FNAC NORTESHOPPING –Norteshopping Centre 16.04-06.05 Hubble Images: Photographic exhibition  
40 Portugal Centro Multimeios de Espinho and FNAC Lisbon: FNAC COLOMBO – Colombo Shopping Centre 16.04-30.05 Hubble Images: Photographic exhibition  
41 Portugal Centro Multimeios de Espinho and FNAC Lisbon: FNAC COLOMBO – Colombo Shopping Centre 30th April Public talk: Telescópio Espacial Hubble: 15 anos de Descoberta  
42 Portugal Centro Multimeios de Espinho and FNAC Gaia: FNAC GAIA – Gaiashopping Centre 29th April Public talk: Telescópio Espacial Hubble: 15 anos de Descoberta  
43 Slovak Replublic Planetarium and Observatory, Centrum volneho casu (in english:
Centrum of free time), Popradska 86, Kosice, Slovak republic.
Popradska 86, Kosice, April 23-24, 2005

This "Weekend with HST" we will organize together with our
cooperate organisation Department of theoretic physics and astrophysics,
Faculty of Sciences, P. J. Safarik University, Kosice, Slovak republic.

The program of this event will consist from special "Hubble 15th
Aniversary" lecture; projection of Hubble Anniversary DVD; projection of
show in planetarium; revelation of Hubble anniversary posters in
planetarium and on display from then on; exhibition of pannels with
pictures from HST (from press releases) and observations of night sky.

44 Spain Museo de la Ciencia y el Cosmos La Laguna, Tenerife April 22th and 24th Friday 22nd: 12:00 press conference about the Hubble annivrsary, annoucing that the pictures will be shown on the 24th, and premiere for the press of the Hubble Anniversary Planetrium Show.
Sunday 24th: Hubble anniversary posters will be "revealed" in the Museum and on display from then on.
45 Spain Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias - L'Hemisferic Valencia April 25th On April 25th, the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, will offer public events to celebrate the 15th HST anniversary. These events will take place in l'Hemisferic and will include projections of pieces of the ESA's DVD, discussion with local astronomers, and projection of planetarium shows.  
46 Spain Planetario de Pamplona Pamplona April 24th Special presentation that will include the projection of documentary. The exhibition consists of 18 different pannels with pictures from HST and a video-area with the continuous projection of the Hubble DVD  
47 Sweden Framtidsmuseet   April 24th    
48 Sweden Cosmonova, Swedish Museum of Natural History Stockholm April 24th -- Special FREE showings of a portion of the video, "Hubble - 15
Years of Discovery" (with Swedish text) in the Museum's Film
Theater at 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00 and 16.00...
-- Two showings of the Imax space film, "Destiny in Space"
featuring the launch and first repair mission to the Hubble Space
Telescope in Cosmonova at 11.00 and 15.00. Tickets (Adults 75:-
SEK, children 5-18 50:- SEK) for this Imax film can be booked at
the ordinary number (+46 8 562 600 30) or via the Internet at
-- Display of the two specially prepared anniversary pictures...
-- FREE giveaway copies of the DVD, "Hubble - 15 Years of
Discovery," at both the Cosmonova and Film Theater events (as
long as the supply lasts)...
49 The Netherlands Planetron Cinedome   April 24th We will show the dvd in our theater at 10.30, 17.30 and 19.30
hrs. After the film, there is a guided tour to observatory (with the largest professional telescope of the netherlands). Here we will emphasize the difference between telescopes on earth and the Hubble space telescope. Finally, of course, every visitor will get the DVD.
50 The Netherlands Philippus Lansbergen Observatory Middelburg, Herengracht 52. April 24th Hubble Day, 24th april, from 14:30 till 17:00. "première" of Hubble DVD  
51 The Netherlands Zenit/Mat Drummen Stichting 'De Koepel'
Observatory Sonnenborgh
Zonnenburg 2
NL 3512 NL Utrecht
The Netherlands
April 24th    
52 Ukraine School Astronomical Club Staffordshire April 24th    
53 United Kingdom Universe Express Starlab 14 Wygate Meadows Spalding Lincolnshire PE11 1XZ April 24th    
54 United Kingdom The Newchapel Observatory Science Centre Newchapel Observatory Science Centre April 24th Our unveiling event is at the Newchapel Observatory Science Centre from 10:00 pm until 04:00 pm on the 24th. We will be highlighting the incredible success of Hubble to the public and press with talks and demonstration through the use of photographic material and computer displays.  
55 United Kingdom, North Ireland The Ulster Museum in Belfast Belfast April 24th To mark the 15th anniversary of the HST, Armagh Planetarium has been given the honour of hosting the unveiling of two new Hubble Anniversary images. As our building is currently being refurbished, the event will take place on Sunday 24th April at the Ulster Museum in Belfast.  
56 United Kingdom The South Downs Planetarium & Science Centre   April 24th    


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