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Hubblecast 55: Crash of the Titans

The ESA astronomy podcast bringing you the latest from the Hubble Space Telescope

31 May 2012

In this episode of the Hubblecast, scientists Jay Anderson and Roeland van der Marel show how they have used Hubble observations to predict the future of the Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way.

Projecting the motion of Andromeda’s stars over the next 8 billion years, the astronomers now know the path that galaxy is taking through space. And it’s heading straight for us! Computer simulations based on Hubble observations show how the two galaxies will crash together in around 4 billion years’ time.



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Screenshot of Hubblecast 55
Screenshot of Hubblecast 55


Hubblecast 55: Crash of the Titans
Hubblecast 55: Crash of the Titans