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Hubblecast 58: Caught in the cosmic web

The ESA astronomy podcast bringing you the latest from the Hubble Space Telescope

16 October 2012

In this episode of the Hubblecast, Joe Liske (aka Dr J) shows how a team of astronomers has used Hubble and a battery of other telescopes to discover the secrets of massive galaxy cluster MACS J0717. They have discovered that an invisible filament of dark matter extends out of the cluster. This is our first direct glimpse of the scaffolding that gives the Universe its structure.


  • Hubblecast 58 can be downloaded in a range for formats including HD here.


Visual design and editing: Martin Kornmesser
Web and technical support: Mathias Andre and Raquel Yumi Shida
Written by: Oli Usher
Presented by: Joe Liske (Dr J)
Narrator: Sara Mendes da Costa
Images: NASA, ESA, Harald Ebeling, Jean-Paul Kneib
Visualisations: Luis Calçada, Volker Springel (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics) et al.
Music: Toomas Erm
Directed by: Oli Usher
Cinematography: Peter Rixner (
Executive producer: Lars Lindberg Christensen


Oli Usher
Garching, Germany
Tel: +49-89-3200-6855

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Hubblecast 58: Caught in the cosmic web
Hubblecast 58: Caught in the cosmic web