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Ode to Hubble winners announced

24 April 2015

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Hubble’s launch and it is with great pleasure that we also celebrate your, the public's, contribution to this mission by announcing the winners of the Ode to Hubble competition today!

Congratulations to Desiré de Palacio from Spain in the over 25s category for her stunning video Bariónica which, using photography, explores how Hubble has inspired her; combining images of the Universe with those of our own planet and the human form.

In the 25 and under category our congratulations go to Halley Davies and Martin Hellmich from Canada whose animated video Hubble’s Universe takes us on a journey through history and shows what Hubble has taught us about the Universe.

These winners will receive a real section of Hubble’s solar array mounted in perspex. These little pieces of Hubble are part of the huge solar arrays that spent 3 years orbiting the Earth, giving Hubble its power, until they were replaced in 1993. The winners will also receive a metal-backed copy of the 25th anniversary image signed by astronomers and astronauts who have worked on Hubble.

We would like to congratulate once again the shortlisted entries. The judging was very close amongst the shortlist and as such we have decided to award the shortlisted entries not just the wonderful book The Universe through the Eyes of Hubble, but also to give the individual or team behind each of the shortlisted videos their own small piece of solar array! As an extra thank you for your help in celebrating Hubble’s 25th anniversary.

We would also like to extend our thanks to everyone who took part either by judging or submitting videos. You have all played a part in highlighting Hubble’s role not just as a scientific instrument but as a cultural icon that can inspire creativity and curiosity about the Universe.

The winning videos, as well as the runners up, can be found on the Ode to Hubble webpage.

The winners will be joining us at 8pm CEST on today's Hubble Hangout. So tune in to YouTube or G+ to hear what their inspirations were for creating these winning videos.

Thank you also to our panel of judges: Lars Lindberg Christensen, Antonella Nota, Rebecca Alban Hoffberger and Ken Sembach.



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Screenshots from the Ode to Hubble winning videos
Screenshots from the Ode to Hubble winning videos


Winner of the 25 and under category — Hubble's Universe
Winner of the 25 and under category — Hubble's Universe
Winner of the over 25s category — Bariónica
Winner of the over 25s category — Bariónica