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July issue of ESA/Hubble Science Newsletter now available

Technical and operational news from the Hubble Space Telescope

6 July 2015

The July 2015 issue of the ESA/Hubble Science Newsletter is now available. Among other things, this issue reflects upon Hubble’s 25th anniversary celebrations. Two month on we look back at what we can learn from the wide-spread activities involving the public and give a retrospective of the Hubble 2020 conference and the science presented therein. Also included are highlights from the cycle 23 Time Allocation Committee and the great success of European Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators in this round.

The ESA/Hubble Science Newsletter promotes technical and operational news for the Hubble Space Telescope to European users and the scientific community. It is also intended to create a communication channel between the European Hubble user community, and the staff scientists at ESA who support Hubble science operations. You can subscribe to the ESA/Hubble Science Newsletter here, or get in touch at

If you are a media representative we recommend subscribing to the ESA/Hubble Media Newsletter, a weekly embargoed newsletter sent 48 hours prior to the publication of press releases. This newsletter is aimed exclusively at journalists. If you are a member of the public, please subscribe to Hubble News.


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Screenshot of the June 2015 issue of ESA/Hubble Science Newsletter
Screenshot of the June 2015 issue of ESA/Hubble Science Newsletter

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