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Celebrating Ode to Hubble entrants

ESA/Hubble archives all videos entered into the Ode to Hubble competition

9 September 2015

On 24 April 2015 ESA/Hubble announced the winners of its Ode to Hubble short video competition as part of the Hubble 25th anniversary celebrations.

At that time we extended our thanks to the many individuals who entered the competition, but they did not receive official recognition. Many of these videos were highly creative, original and informed and deserve to be seen by a wider audience. So now, we are giving everyone the chance to appreciate the high quality of work from all our entrants by hosting all of the videos entered on a new page on the ESA/Hubble website.

We invite you to visit this new webpage and explore the videos, which all played a part in highlighting Hubble’s role not just as a scientific instrument but as a cultural icon that inspires creativity and curiosity about the Universe.

The winning videos, as well as the runners up, can also be found on the Ode to Hubble webpage.



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Ode to Hubble shortlist announced
Ode to Hubble shortlist announced

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