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December issue of ESA/Hubble/JWST Science Newsletter now available

21 December 2017

The December issue of the ESA/Hubble/JWST Science Newsletter is now available. Within the newsletter you can find articles about Søren Larsen’s experience as an ESA representative on the Space Telescope User’s Committee (STUC), a call for early release observations with the  NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope, an analysis of the hot astronomical topics with respect to the publishing of papers using Hubble data, and a brief report by ESA/JWST Project Scientist Pierre Ferruit about the European contribution to James Webb and the next major milestones.

In other exciting news, ESA/Hubble Project Scientist Antonella Nota announces her new additional  role as a Project Scientist for James Webb. One of the first direct consequences is that this Hubble Science Newsletter will bring you news about James Webb as well.

The newsletter also contains a short video with the best images from Hubble released by ESA in 2017.

The ESA/Hubble/JWST Science Newsletter promotes technical and operational news for the Hubble Space Telescope to European users and the scientific community. It is also a communication channel between the European Hubble user community, and the staff scientists at ESA who support Hubble science operations. You can subscribe to the ESA/Hubble/JWST Science Newsletter here, or get in touch at

If you are a media representative we recommend subscribing to the ESA/Hubble/JWST Media Newsletter, a weekly embargoed newsletter sent 48 hours prior to the publication of press releases. This newsletter is aimed exclusively at journalists. If you are a member of the public, please subscribe to Hubble News.



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Screenshot of the December 2017 issue of ESA/Hubble Science Newsletter
Screenshot of the December 2017 issue of ESA/Hubble Science Newsletter


Hubblecast 105 Light: Best of Hubble 2017
Hubblecast 105 Light: Best of Hubble 2017