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Hubblecast 113: Nancy Roman — The mother of Hubble

8 October 2018

Nancy Roman, talented astronomer, driven spokesperson and lifelong champion for women in science, is often called “the mother of the Hubble Space Telescope” . In 1961, Nancy became the first Chief of Astronomy in the Office of Space Science at NASA, where her work with scientists, engineers and financial supporters led to the successful launches of many orbiting observatories, including the utterly impressive NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.

This new Hubblecast episode features the story of Nancy Roman and her role in forging the path of one of the greatest scientific instruments in modern history.

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Mathias Jäger
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Still from Hubblecast 113
Still from Hubblecast 113


Hubblecast 113: Nancy Roman — The mother of Hubble
Hubblecast 113: Nancy Roman — The mother of Hubble