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The APIS service is now open

17 October 2013

We are pleased to announce that the APIS (Auroral Planetary Imaging and Spectroscopy) service is now open to the community, and accessible at the address:

APIS was officially opened at the Magnetospheres of Outer Planets meeting in Athens, 8–12 July 2013. Details are provided on the webpage above. In brief, the service consists of a database of all HST Far-UV spectro-imaging observations of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus) acquired by the STIS and ACS instruments from 1997 up to now (which totals ~5000 individual images and spectra). For each of these APIS provides a set of higher level data (e.g. cylindrical/polar projections). The data are available in different formats (jpg, pdf, FITS) and can be browsed and sifted through with a dedicated search interface. Interactive tools (Aladin, Specview) also enable the user to directly work on the images and spectra online.


ESA/STScI Baltimore

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Screenshot of the APIS website
Screenshot of the APIS website

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