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Thank you for helping us celebrate our 1 million followers

3 December 2014

November marked a big step for our ESA/Hubble outreach as the ESA/Hubble Facebook page reached 1 million likes! This means that every press release we send out, every Hubblecast we make and every announcement or new initiative from ESA/Hubble, reaches over a million people before it even reaches a news editor's desk.

To celebrate this achievement and thank Hubble's fans we started a "Thank you, Hubble friend! You're one in a million!" campaign where all of you scientists, engineers, management, graphics and communications staff sent images of yourselves holding up this message for Hubble fans to see.

We want to wholeheartedly thank those of you who took part. We have had some great selfies from the fans in response and to be able to see the faces on both sides is a great way to really engage people with Hubble, the people who work with it and the science it produces.

The number of likes on the ESA/Hubble page now goes up by about 30 000 per week and the rate of growth is exponential. Plus, we are working more closely than ever with the NASA and STScI social media teams to boost Hubble's exposure in the social media world even further.

Thank you again for being part of it! If you are curious to see the staff selfies and the fans themselves then take a look at the Facebook album.


Antonella Nota
ESA HST Project Scientist, STScI

Georgia Bladon
ESA/Hubble Public Information Officer

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Hubble reaches 1 million Facebook likes
Hubble reaches 1 million Facebook likes

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