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Be inspired by the Ode to Hubble competition

6 July 2015

The ESA/Hubble Ode to Hubble competition was an opportunity for those inspired by Hubble to get creative and produce short videos in celebration of Hubble’s 25th anniversary on 24 April 2015.

The competition has now closed but for those of you who work on Hubble there is still a lot to gain from it. We hope you will take the time to view some of the videos as the quality and creativity of the entries, and the passion for Hubble they display, are remarkable to see. Hopefully we can all take something from seeing what Hubble inspires outside of our research.

Desiré de Palacio from Spain, in the over 25s category, created a stunning video, Bariónica, which, using photography, explores how Hubble has inspired her; combining images of the Universe with those of our own planet and the human form.

In the 25 and under category Halley Davies and Martin Hellmich from Canada have animated Hubble's Universe and take us on a journey through history, showing what Hubble has taught us about the Universe.

The winning videos, as well as the runners up, can be found on the Ode to Hubble webpage. The winners joined us on Hubble’s birthday for a Hubble Hangout and if you would like to hear them talk about their inspiration for creating the winning videos you can watch this hangout back on YouTube. The videos also feature in the latest Hubblecast on the competition.


Antonella Nota
ESA HST Project Scientist, STScI

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Screenshots from the Ode to Hubble winning videos
Screenshots from the Ode to Hubble winning videos

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