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Latest news from eHST: Get the most out of the new powerful machine interface

9 March 2016

Since the first release of the new European Hubble Science Archive (eHST) in October 2015 (see the announcement in the previous ESA/Hubble Science Newsletter), development has continued and the next major release is planned for Summer 2016. This release will include the integration of the Hubble Source Catalog with advanced catalogue visualisation features. In particular, the development team is looking into ways of enhancing the user experience in the exploitation of the Hubble Source Catalog together with the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA) and High-Level Science Products (HLSP) data collections in the archive.

In the meantime, work is going on to redirect the former HST web services to the new eHST web services. This redirection affects the programmatic access to the archive and will be completely transparent for users. No users who are currently running scripts to download the data will be affected. The new eHST programmatic access also contains new functions, such as metadata requests. Using these functions users can discover and retrieve files that fulfill complex search criteria.

Therefore, whether you currently access the archive programmatically or not, we recommend that you take a look at how these new functions could help you to optimise your scripts or to design more sophisticated searches. The programmatic help pages of the eHST provide in-depth information and examples.



Bruno Merin
Astronomy Archives Science Lead at the ESAC Science Data Centre

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New eHST archive
New eHST archive

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