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How to advertise your Hubble results

9 June 2016

As a European Hubble user, you can access ESA/Hubble’s resources to promote your work to the media and the general public. ESA/Hubble can help by producing and distributing press releases, image processing, web articles, artists’ impressions, and high-definition videos. We can also feature your work on the Hubblecast, which is among the world’s most popular science video podcasts. ESA/Hubble science writers and image processing experts work closely with scientists while preparing releases, ensuring scientific accuracy. You can see examples of ESA/Hubble press products at

As well as being a key part of the Hubble mission, education and public outreach work can also have benefits for you, your field of research and your institution. If you think any part of your research could be of interest to the public at large, or your observations might produce an image suitable for public release, please contact Mathias Jäger (email: so we can explore possible avenues for promoting your work.


Mathias Jäger
ESA/Hubble Public Information Officer
Cell: +49 176 62397500

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Mathias Jäger — ESA/Hubble public information officer
Mathias Jäger — ESA/Hubble public information officer

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