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Launch of the New ESA/Hubble Website

18 December 2020

Bethany Downer (ESA/Hubble)

The ESA/Hubble outreach team is excited to launch the new website for updates and products from the Hubble Space Telescope, as will soon redirect to the new ESA/Hubble website. 

This website will still be home to the ESA Hubble content that the public and the Hubble community have become familiar with, including press releases, Hubble imagery and Pictures of the Week, announcements, Hubblecasts, newsletters and more. This year, the ESA/Hubble website has garnered over 8.6 million page views! Some highlights include:

  • Over 500 000 visits to the webpages of ESA/Hubble releases in 2020.
  • Over a quarter of a million views on the September 2020 photo release of Hubble’s new views of Jupiter. To our delight and surprise, this was our biggest release in 5 years!
  • Strong engagement in the month of April 2020 around the telescope’s 30th anniversary, including the anniversary press release and the special Hubblecasts published for the occasion.
  • Continued popularity of Hubble’s imagery archive, with over 390 000 visits to ESA/Hubble’s imagery archive page and over 330 000 views of ESA/Hubble’s Top 100 images this year alone.

The ESA/Hubble team looks forward to continuing this widespread level of engagement and reach with the European Hubble community and the general public on its new website throughout 2021! The new website will also feature a dedicated paper submission form for European astronomers to submit their papers for consideration for press releases on the ESA/Hubble website. Stay tuned!


Bethany Downer
ESA/Hubble Public Information Officer 

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