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Call for ESA/Hubble & ESA/Webb Outreach Intern

11 October 2021

The ESA/Hubble & ESA/Webb Outreach team is looking for a motivated individual to join the team as an intern to support a variety of roles and activities pertaining to the work of bringing the images and science from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope to the scientific community and the public for the European Space Agency (ESA). This is a unique opportunity to develop skills and experience in science communication, involving high-reach and high-impact products that are disseminated worldwide to showcase two well-known and loved science missions.

Position Overview

The ESA/Hubble & ESA/Webb outreach team is composed of science communicators, scientists, science writers, visual artists, image processing specialists and more, who work together to showcase the research of the European Hubble & Webb users and institutions to the wider astronomical community and the general public. The team is looking to add a dynamic, organised, and motivated intern to work alongside the team’s Chief Communications Officer to support a variety of tasks. 

This intern role will begin with a 1-month trial period, followed by a 6-month renewable freelance work agreement with the Head of the ESA Office at the Space Telescope Science Institute (Baltimore, USA). The position will require 30 to 40 hours per month. All work will be undertaken remotely and the intern will be working on a daily basis with the ESA/Hubble & ESA/Webb Chief Communications Officer, Bethany Downer, and the ESA/Hubble Project Scientist, Antonella Nota.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Science reviews of Hubble papers that are being considered for possible press releases.
  • Support of the ESA/Hubble Picture of the Week series (including coordination of inputs, science writing, communications with Principal Investigators, collection of dissemination statistics, and science reviews).
  • Answering public enquiries on social media and via email.
  • Coordination of the ESA/Hubble GIPHY account.
  • Attendance at the weekly team meeting. 
  • Science writing for various products.
  • Support of the planning of the ESA/Webb Early Release Observation campaign.
  • Support products to be published during the commissioning period of the James Webb Space Telescope on the ESA/Webb website.
  • Support with administrative tasks.
  • Coordination of the ESA/Hubble Word Bank.
  • Support of the ESA/Hubble Youtube account.
  • Additional support as requested by the ESA/Hubble & Webb Chief Communications Officer as it pertains to tasks for ESA/Hubble and ESA/Webb.

Remuneration and Benefits

  • 30 to 40 hours of work per month as per a freelance agreement with the ESA Office at the Space Telescope Science Institute (Baltimore, USA).
  • This is a paid position. Specific details pertaining to financial compensation will be discussed during the interview process.
  • Opportunity to work on high visibility and high impact products that are disseminated worldwide and part of two well-recognised and loved space science missions.
  • Develop experience in many different areas of communications and outreach.
  • Opportunity to network with the members of the ESA/Hubble outreach team and to engage with other members in the Hubble community.
  • Mentorship. 
  • Possible opportunities for greater responsibilities and roles in the future with the ESA/Hubble & ESA/Webb outreach team.

Applicant Profile

We are welcoming applications from individuals who fit the following profile:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Astronomy or a related field (Master’s degree preferred).
  • Interest in developing experience in science outreach and communications. Previous experience in this field would be ideal, but is not required.
  • Interest in gaining coordination experience.
  • Strong multitasking and organisational skills, as ESA/Hubble/Webb outreach work involves the coordination of many different tasks.
  • Strong English skills. Native English speaker is preferred but not required.
  • Prepared with own equipment (computer, internet access, etc.) for remote work.
  • Able to respond to new and dynamic tasks.
  • Experience in supporting high-following social media accounts is desired, but not required.
  • Friendly and enthusiastic attitude towards public and scientific community engagement interactions.

Application Instructions

Applications are now closed.

Please submit all of the following as a single PDF file to by 7 November 2021 at 11:59 pm Central European time:

  1. Completed application form — required
  2. CV (2 pages maximum) — required
    Please include previous relevant work experience and associated responsibilities, personal skills, and languages.
  3. Cover letter (1 page maximum) — required
    Please describe your interest and suitability for the role as well as your professional aspirations.
  4. Writing samples — optional
    If desired, an applicant can provide up to 3 writing samples that demonstrate interest and proficiency in science communication (preferably in astronomy).

Additional Notes

Applications are welcome from all countries. 

Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

ESA/Hubble embraces the diversity of our team. We are deeply committed to encouraging people of all backgrounds to apply for this opportunity. We therefore strongly encourage women, ethnic minorities, and disabled individuals to apply for this opportunity. Our experience has demonstrated that the broader the styles, backgrounds, and abilities of our staff — in other words, the more diverse our team is — the greater potential we have for success. ESA/Hubble does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, colour, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, lawful political affiliations, veteran status, or mental or physical handicap. 

Those needing assistance with the application can contact us at


Bethany Downer
ESA/Hubble & ESA/Webb Chief Communications Officer

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Call for ESA/Hubble and ESA/Webb Intern
Call for ESA/Hubble and ESA/Webb Intern
Call for ESA/Hubble and ESA/Webb Intern
Call for ESA/Hubble and ESA/Webb Intern

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