Hubblecast 10 out: A behind the scenes look at the making of the Hubble images

Do you ever look at the beautiful images from Hubble and wonder how they were made? What exactly happens after the faint light from distant objects is detected by Hubble? How are these cosmic photons captured in space transformed into the glorious colour images down here on your wall or on computer screen?

If you want to find out then Hubblecast episode 10 is for you! In the latest Hubblecast we explore how Hubble images the Universe and how astronomers and image processing experts bring these images together to create the stunning celestial vistas we know and love.

Sitting in its vantage point 600km above the Earth, Hubble is a window on the Universe. It has allowed us to peer into the stunningly beautiful cosmos, creating exquisite views of the Universe we live in. You too can have a go at making your own images, just Google "FITS Liberator".



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