Jupiter OPAL observations (January 2024)

This 12-panel series of NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope images, taken on 5–6 January 2024, presents snapshots of a full rotation of the giant planet Jupiter. The Great Red Spot can be used to measure the planet's real rotation rate of nearly 10 hours. The innermost Galilean satellite, Io, is seen in several frames, along with its shadow crossing over Jupiter's cloud tops. Hubble monitors Jupiter and the other outer Solar System planets every year under the Outer Planet Atmospheres Legacy programme (OPAL).

[Image description: These 12 views of Jupiter were taken by Hubble throughout the planet’s full rotation on 5–6 January 2024. At top centre is the label Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Jupiter. Next to the title are the labels F658N in red, F502N in green, and F395N in blue, which represent the filters and colours used to make these images. The date and time label for each view is centred at the bottom of each image. The Great Red Spot can be used to measure the planet’s real rotation rate of nearly 10 hours. Jupiter’s innermost moon, Io, is seen in several images, along with its shadow, crossing over Jupiter’s cloud tops.]


NASA, ESA, J. DePasquale (STScI), A. Simon (NASA-GSFC)

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