Saturn ring-plane crossing

In one of nature's most dramatic examples of 'now-you see-them, now-you-don't', the Hubble Space Telescope captured Saturn on May 22, 1995 as the planet's magnificent ring system turned edge-on. This ring-plane crossing occurs approximately every 15 years when the Earth passes through Saturn's ring plane.


Reta Beebe (New Mexico State University), D. Gilmore, L. Bergeron (STScI), NASA/ESA, Amanda S. Bosh (Lowell Observatory), Andrew S. Rivkin (Univ. of Arizona/LPL), the HST High Speed Photometer Instrument Team (R.C. Bless, PI), and NASA/ESA

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NASA press release
Release date:5 June 1995, 06:00
Size:600 x 750 px

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Name:Dione, Saturn, Tethys
Type:Solar System : Planet : Satellite
Solar System : Planet : Ring
Category:Solar System

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