Ode to Hubble - Longlist

The ESA/Hubble Ode to Hubble competition was an opportunity for those inspired by Hubble to get creative and produce short videos in celebration of Hubble’s 25th anniversary on 24 April 2015. The quality and creativity of the entries, and the passion for Hubble they displayed, were remarkable to see. We could only announce one winner per category but we also want to present you all the other submitted videos from our longlist.

ESA/Hubble cannot confirm the content of these videos is creative commons, although it was requested as a condition of the competition. We cannot as such accept responsibility for copyright infringement or condone the reproduction of all or part of these videos.



The Over 25s



José Ma Recio & Nacho Gallego, Spain
Syntaction - Ode To Hubble
Christian Knerr, Germany
Biswajit Roy, India
Anthony Graviano
Ode to Hubble - stardust
Caitlin Griffin
Ode to Hubble
Marissa & Logan Draeger, USA
Ode to Hubble
DJ Ewi & Isabella Sky
Heaven in Space
Ömer Yavuz, Turkey
Window on Time
Karen Linsley
Ode to Hubble
Vasily Kiselev & Sima Kiseleva, Russia
Ode To Hubble
John Wood
Ode to Hubble
Patrick Thiel, Germany
Blue Star Lotus INDEED
G. Bruce Kirkpatrick
1 HST orbitando
Fernando Gomez
Happy 2015 - Feliz 2015
Moreno Gistaín Piano Duo & Beatriz Gimeno, Spain
Hubble's 25th Birthday
Daniel Winne, USA
An Ode to Hubble, Astronomy and Vintersorg
Svensk Snöstjärnan, Sweden
The world of Chak Chun Lam
Calvin Chak, Hong Kong
Hubble Entry
Daphne Saul
ODE HUBLE ,1990-2015 25 YEARS OLD
Francisco Bersunses Bravo
3 HST and SST 2
Fernando Gómez
We are One
Murielle Sunier, Switzerland
Man kind's Visual Prowess to the Stars
Kim M. Herrera, Philippines
H. S. T. - (Take on Me Parody)
Alexandra Greenbaum, United States
The third eye for mankind
Amazing Space - Astounding Images and Videos
The Soaring Eagle
Amazing Space - Astounding Images and Videos

The Under 25s



Seen It All - Ode to Hubble
Andrew Greenway, England
How did Hubble Inspire me?
Robert Quinto & Patrick Christoffer, Philippines
Ode to Hubble
Sri Kousthubha Allampalli, England
Benoit Turcotte's Ode to Hubble
Benoit Turcotte, Canada
Aureanne Nicola Mae Sayos & Ralph Christian Tiburdo, Philippines
Rocket, Rocket--Ode to Hubble
Katie Lynn Daniels, USA
Ode to Hubble
Erika Laine G. Garcia, Philippines
Ode Hubble Space Telescope Through The Years
Jeremiah Arteluz, S.D. Barawidan, Philippines
"Dear Hubble" - Ode To Hubble
Jindra San Diego and Iela Mojica, Philippines
Ode to Hubble
Jolo Evangelista
Shubham Rajendra Karde, India
Hubble 25 years in orbit
Kars Noordhuis, The Netherlands
Humbling Little Hubble
Kristen O'Connor, USA
Ode to Hubble
Lex Jeremiah Romero, Philippines
Ode to Hubble's 25th year in orbit
Francesco Bazzani and Matteo Serchi Masini,Italy
Kitiki - Ode To Hubble
Vidyadhar Kagita, India
Ode to Hubble
John Oliver Odiaman, Philippines
Ode to Hubble competition
Peyton Del Toro, USA
Ode to Hubble
Ronalyn Tindog
Ode to Hubble
Mico Enriquez & Julian Cortes, Philippines
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