Our Place in Space Vienna

This short video presents a tour through the Hubble travelling exhibtion Our Place in Space as it is displayed in the Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria.

Our Place in Space features iconic Hubble images, extending from our own cosmic backyard — the faces of Mars, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, Saturn’s intense aurorae — out to a stunning selection of far-flung galaxies, nebulae, and other astronomical phenomena. But alongside the scientific interpretation of the Universe, the exhibition also taps into the vast imaginations of Austrian artists, who have produced pieces inspired by what Hubble has seen. This combination of images and videos, artworks and installations enables visitors to experience the different visions of astronomers and artists.


NHM Wien, Kurt Kracher

Music: audiyou

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Release date:16 October 2018, 12:44
Duration:01 m 52 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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