Zoom on Pismis 24-1

Zooming deeper into an image from the Digitized Sky Survey 2, an image from Astroworks, and an image from Robert Gendler and Martin Pugh. Finally we arrive at the the Hubble?s Advanced Camera for Surveys image of the region. We zoom further and at the end of this long journey we finally arrive at the Hubble ACS High Resolution Channel image of Pismis 24-1 that reveals it is in reality two stars.

Credit: Akira Fujii, Digitized Sky Survey 2, Robert Gendler and Martin Pugh (www.robgendlerastropics.com), www.astroworks.com and ESA/Hubble

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Release date:11 December 2006, 19:30
Related releases:heic0619
Duration:58 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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