Hubblecast 16: Galaxies gone wild!

One of the big mysteries in astronomy is how galaxies grow and evolve over time. Collisions between galaxies are thought to be key events that shape their development. A stunning collection of 59 new images of colliding galaxies has been released to mark the 18th anniversary of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. They give us a unique insight into how galaxies collide to form larger galaxies.

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ESA/Hubble (M. Kornmesser & L. L. Christensen)
Presented by: Dr Joe Liske (Dr J)
Design: Martin Kornmesser
Web Technical Support: Lars Holm Nielsen, Raquel Yumi Shida
Cinematographer: Peter Rixner (
Script: Lars Lindberg Christensen, Raquel Yumi Shida
Director: Lars Lindberg Christensen

Acknowledgements for the images used in this Hubblecast:

  • Project lead: Lars Lindberg Christensen
  • Image processing: Davide de Martin (ESA/Hubble) and Zolt Levay (STScI)
  • Cosmetic cleaning: Amit Kapadia, Nuno Marques, Maximilian Kaufl (ESA/Hubble)
  • Colour correction and cosmetic adjustments: Zolt Levay (STScI) & Martin Kornmesser (ESA/Hubble)
  • HST Principle Investigator: A. Evans (University of Virginia, Charlottesville/NRAO/Stony Brook), and the PIs of Hubble Proposals 9735, 11091, 6276, 10575, 7129, 7467, 6438.
  • Astronomical processing pipeline: The STScI ACS team
  • Data Archiving and pipeline implementation: The ESO/ST-ECF Archive and the STScI Archive

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Release date:24 April 2008, 15:00
Related releases:heic0810
Duration:09 m 04 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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