Pan on NGC 4298 and NGC 4302

This video pans over NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope observations of the two galaxies known as NGC 4298 and NGC 4302. The observations were made to celebrate Hubble’s 27th anniversary. Galaxy NGC 4298 is seen almost face-on, allowing us to see its spiral arms and the blue patches of ongoing star formation and young stars. In the edge-on disc of NGC 4302 huge swathes of dust are responsible for the mottled brown patterns, but a burst of blue to the side of the galaxy is indicating a region of extremely vigorous star formation.


ESA/Hubble; Music:Johan B. Monell

About the Video

Release date:20 April 2017, 16:00
Related releases:heic1709
Duration:40 s
Frame rate:30 fps

About the Object

Name:NGC 4298, NGC 4302
Type:Local Universe : Galaxy : Type : Interacting

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