Panning across the galaxy ESO 495-21

This video pans over NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope observations of the galaxy ESO 495-21, about 30 million light-years from Earth. The galaxy is classified as a dwarf starburst galaxy — despite its tiny size the galaxy is producing new stars at a fiercy rate. The pan shows the many young, hot and blue stars being formed as well as the huge reservoirs of gas for even more stars. In the centre of the galaxy, invisible even to Hubble, lurks a supermassive black hole — an unusual component for a galaxy of this size.


ESA/Hubble, NASA

About the Video

Release date:13 June 2019, 16:00
Related releases:heic1911
Duration:30 s
Frame rate:25 fps

About the Object

Name:ESO 495-21
Type:Local Universe : Galaxy : Activity : Starburst

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