Hubble Showcases 6 Galaxy Mergers

To celebrate a new year, the NASA/ESA Space Telescope has published a montage of six beautiful galaxy mergers. Each of these merging systems was studied as part of the recent HiPEEC survey to investigate the rate of new star formation within such systems. These interactions are a key aspect of galaxy evolution and are among the most spectacular events in the lifetime of a galaxy.

The mergers featured in this video include NGC 3256, NGC 1614, NGC 4194, NGC 3690, NGC 6052, and NGC 34.


ESA/Hubble, N. Bartmann
Music Credit: Stellardrone – Twilight

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Release date:7 January 2021, 10:00
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Duration:01 m 03 s
Frame rate:25 fps

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Name:NGC 1614, NGC 3256, NGC 34, NGC 3690, NGC 4194, NGC 6052
Type:Milky Way : Galaxy : Type : Interacting

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