Hubble – 15 Years of Discovery (Full movie)

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope is one of the biggest scientific projects of all time. To mark the 15th anniversary on 24 April 2005, the European Space Agency presented a series of unique activities in collaboration with partners all over Europe. These include this movie: “Hubble – 15 Years of Discovery”, which covers all aspects of the Hubble Space Telescope project – a journey through the history, the troubled early life and the ultimate scientific successes of Hubble.

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Executive producer/director: Lars Lindberg Christensen (ESA/ESO)
Art director/production designer: Martin Kornmesser (ESA/ESO)
3D animations & rendering & DVD Authoring: Martin Kornmesser (ESA/ESO), Cornel Swoboda (ESA/ESO)
Written by: Stefania Varano, Lars Lindberg Christensen, Stuart Clark
Editing: Martin Kornmesser
Cinematographer: Peter Rixner
Music composed by: Movetwo: Axel Kornmesser & Markus Löffler
Vocals: Axel Kornmesser, Audrey Quinn
Sound effects: Movetwo
Sound engineering and Mix: Peter Rixner (
Lead scientist: Bob Fosbury (ESA/ESO)
Stunt coordinator: Britt Sjöberg (ESA/ESO)
Narration: Bob Fosbury. Howard Cooper

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Release date:10 December 2015, 17:36
Duration:1 h 21 m 26 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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