Pan: Luminous in Lepus

This image shows the spiral galaxy IC 438, which lies about 130 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Lepus (the Hare). Lepus lies just south of the celestial equator (the ring around the middle of Earth that falls at right angles to its rotation axis). Appropriately, Lepus is flanked by the constellations Canis Major (the Greater Dog) and Orion (the Hunter), whilst Canis Minor (the Lesser Dog) lies very nearby, meaning that in artistic representations of the constellations, Lepus is often shown as being pursued by Orion and his two hunting dogs. 


ESA/Hubble & NASA, R. J. Foley (UC Santa Cruz), N. Bartmann
Music: Stellardrone - Ascent

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Release date:25 January 2024, 16:24
Duration:30 s
Frame rate:25 fps

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