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New ESA/Hubble Online Assets: A Social Celebration of Hubble

14 May 2021

Each year in the month of April, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope celebrates its anniversary. ESA/Hubble uses this opportunity to develop special initiatives to engage and involve the public in this annual milestone. 

On 24 April 2021 Hubble celebrated its 31st birthday. ESA/Hubble is inviting our community to join the celebrations by incorporating the beloved telescope into their daily lives. Keeping the current virtual interactions in mind, the ESA/Hubble team has developed a series of fun initiatives, including a “Which Hubble image are you” Instagram filter, a Facebook frame, Zoom backgrounds and smartphone wallpapers.

On Instagram, ESA/Hubble has published two Augmented Reality filters. One filter allows you to take a quiz to see which Hubble image you are, while the other one will place you against a starry background and show the Hubble spacecraft orbiting you. 

The filters can be found by two means on the Instagram app. From your mobile device, you can go to the ESA/Hubble Instagram page and click on the second tab above the first three images. You can then select the filter you want to use and click “Try it”. You may also bookmark the filters to find them more easily in the future. You can also find the filters by creating a story. At the bottom of your screen, swipe left across available effects until you reach the end. Click on the search icon where you can browse effects. Search for “ESA Hubble” and you will find us as a creator and the filters available.

Users on Facebook are also invited to use a custom Hubble picture frame for their profile images or stories, with the tagline “Happy birthday, Hubble!”. To do so, follow these three simple steps. On step number 2, search for “ESA Hubble” to find the frame called “Happy birthday Hubble” by user Hubble Space Telescope.

If you want to impress your colleagues with an out-of-this-world background, we invite you to download one of our sets of virtual meeting background images.You can find out here how to customise your virtual background.

Each Wednesday we will also offer Instagram users several options for a new, awe-inspiring mobile wallpaper that can be installed with the help of a simple screenshot. The mobile wallpapers will feature some of the most-loved Hubble images taken throughout its 31-year history. Instagrammers are encouraged to follow the @hubbleesa stories to make sure they don’t miss #WallpaperWednesday. 

Check out all of the ESA/Hubble 31st Anniversary initiatives that are being developed on this page.



Oana Sandu

ESA/Hubble Social Media Coordinator

Bethany Downer

ESA/Hubble Chief Communications Officer

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New ESA/Hubble Online Assets
New ESA/Hubble Online Assets

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