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How to Showcase Your Science Results

22 June 2020

Bethany Downer (ESA/Hubble)

Our ESA/Hubble team is eager to showcase the research of the European Hubble users and institutions to the wider ESA/Hubble community and general public. We have various innovative and effective means of showcasing your new results and images. This includes the communication of exciting Hubble results, and the insights from the European team members behind these results, to the wider public. ESA/Hubble and can help by disseminating news from the European Hubble community in the form of science and photo releases, announcements, Hubblecasts, Pictures of the Week, and by developing high-quality artists’ impressions and high-definition videos to communicate new results.

The work of European astronomers is highlighted prominently in a variety of exciting ESA/Hubble releases that have appeared over the past few months. Most recently, this includes the exciting finding by ESA’s R. Bhatawdekar and C. J. Conselice that suggests the formation of the first stars and galaxies in the early Universe took place sooner than previously thought. This European team of astronomers found no evidence of Population III stars as far back as when the Universe was just 500 million years old. The result was featured in a press conference during the recent virtual 236th AAS meeting. On 1 June we also detailed the results of a three-year study of Westerlund 2, which featured insights from Danny Lennon of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias and the Universidad de La Laguna. And on 31 March we released new Hubble results that provided the strongest evidence yet for intermediate-mass black holes, which featured insights from Natalie Webb of the Université de Toulouse.

European Hubble users and institutions who have exciting research results that they believe could be of interest to the public at large, or observations that might produce an image suitable for public release, are encouraged to please get in touch with us. We are eager to discuss and explore possible avenues for promoting your work through the various ESA/Hubble products that can be shared with the international ESA/Hubble community!


Bethany Downer
ESA/Hubble, Public Information Officer
Garching bei München, Germany

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