Constellation region near Arp 194 (ground-based image)

This picture, taken with a small ground-based camera, highlights the part of the northern sky that includes: Ursa Major, Coma Berenices, Canes Venatici and Cepheus. Arp 194 lies within the constellation of Cepheus, just below and to the left of the "foot" of the Great Bear (Ursa Major).


NASA, ESA Z. Levay and A. Fujii

About the Image

NASA press release
Release date:21 April 2009, 15:00
Related releases:heic0906
Size:8000 x 10000 px

About the Object

Name:Arp 194
Type:Milky Way : Sky Phenomenon : Night Sky : Constellation
Local Universe : Galaxy : Type : Interacting
Distance:600 million light years

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