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In December 2020 the ESA/Hubble team published a stunning view from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope of one of the most complete Einstein rings ever discovered. This object is formally known as GAL-CLUS-022058s. 

This observation has since been used to develop a lensing model to study the physical properties of the lensed galaxy


ESA/Hubble, NASA, Dark Energy Survey/DOE/FNAL/DECam/CTIO/NOIRLab/NSF/AURA, Digitized Sky Survey 2, M. Zamani (NSF’s NOIRLab), E. Slawik
Music: tonelabs - Happy Hubble (tonelabs.com)

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Release date:23 September 2021, 17:00
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Duration:01 m 00 s
Frame rate:25 fps

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