Ode to Hubble Competition

And the winners are...

The ESA/Hubble Ode to Hubble competition was an opportunity for those inspired by Hubble to get creative and produce short videos in celebration of Hubble’s 25th anniversary on 24 April 2015.

The competition has now closed and we would like to thank all those who submitted a video. The quality and creativity of the entries, and the passion for Hubble they displayed, were remarkable to see. Thank you. A Hubblecast about the competition and its winners is now available.

The winners and runners up for the two competition categories are displayed below.



The Under 25s — born in Hubble’s lifetime



Hubble's Universe
Halley Davies and Martin Hellmich, Canada


Ode to Hubble
Krishna Santos, Philippines
H. S. T. (Take On Me Parody)
Alexandra Greenbaum, United States


The Over 25s



Desiré de Palacio, Spain

2nd Place

Hubble’s Time Machine
Vicent J. Martínez, Javier Diez, Alberto Fernández-Soto, Fernando Ballesteros and Amelia Ortiz-Gil, Spain

3rd Place

Hubble - The pleasure of discovery
Mattia Di Miscia and Paola Paladini, Italy


Ode to Hubble
Andres Eloy Martinez Rojas, Mexico



The competition and voting are now closed.

The judging panel judged the entries based on the following criteria: the accuracy of the science, how well the entry engages the viewers, how innovative the approach is, the artistic quality of the content, the quality of presentation/delivery (if applicable), how unique the view or perspective of the entry is and the technical quality of the video.



The two winners will receive the once-in-a-lifetime prize of a section of Hubble’s solar array mounted in perspex. These little pieces of Hubble are part of the huge solar arrays that spent 3 years orbiting the Earth, giving Hubble its power, until they were replaced in 1993. The winners will also receive a metal-backed copy of the 25th anniversary image signed by astronomers and astronauts who have worked on Hubble. The two winning videos will be featured in our special “Ode to Hubble” Hubblecast.

The producers of the five shortlisted videos for each category will recieve the wonderful book The Universe through the Eyes of Hubble and their videos will be hosted on the spacetelescope.org website.


Useful dates

2 February 2015: The competition opens

12 March 2015: The competition closes (11:59pm CEST)

13 March 2015: Crowd-voting for the competition begins

1 April 2015: Crowd-voting for the competition closes

9 April 2015: Shortlisted videos for both competition categories announced

24 April 2014: The two winners are announced


The judging panel

The panel is composed of:

Antonella Nota (ESA/Hubble Project Scientist & Mission Manager)  

Ken Sembach (Hubble Mission Head)

Rebecca Alban Hoffberger (Founder/Director, American Visionary Art Museum, USA)

Lars Lindberg Christensen (Head of ESO and ESA/Hubble education and Public Outreach Department)



The six shortlisted videos will be checked against these rules and any that cannot meet them will be disqualified and replaced with the next-highest voted video.

  • Uploaded videos must be 3 minutes or less. (videos longer in length, with an allocation of 20 for overrun, will be removed before voting begins)
  • In the caption on the submission form please include credit information, your name, your country of residence, your age and a short sentence on what inspired you (with a link if appropriate).
  • You must be over the age of 13 to enter the competition and to vote.
  • You must have permission to use any material featured.
  • Music should not be used unless permission is gained from copyright holder. Include credit information in the caption in the video submission form. Shortlisted participants will be asked to provide proof of copyright and you will not be considered for the winning place if it cannot be provided. (For an archive of creative commons music see: http://dig.ccmixter.org/)
  • Using animations, photos and videos from www.spacetelescope.org and www.hubblesite.org is encouraged. Most content on these pages is Creative Commons and can be used as long as credit is given. Include credit information for any visual material used in the caption in the video submission form. Shortlisted participants will be asked to provide proof of copyright for visuals not provided by them and you will not be considered for the winning place if it cannot be provided.
  • The video must be in the English language or include English subtitles.
  • Submissions are welcomed from all corners of the world.
  • Please include the following mandatory text at the start of your video: “Video created as part of the ESA Ode to Hubble Competition in celebration of Hubble’s 25th year in orbit”.
  • Include an end credits page with credits and a couple of lines (and a link if appropriate) on what inspired you.
  • Use of inappropriate language or other material that is not parental guidance friendly will render the video ineligible.



The below images were included to provide participants with inspiration for their videos.


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